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Nieuws: Give a coat and warm a heart


Join us with our winter innitiatie to collect warm clothes for Dressforsuccess, Ervaring die staat, de Voedselbank en het Leger des heils.

Eurest will be collecting the coats during lunchtime at The Strip High Tech Campus Eindhoven from October 30th until November the 3rd.

Everyone should have a warm coat this winter!

Together with Samen voor Eindhoven, we organize a winter collection campaing for homeless poeple, people at the edge of society and families with a small purse who can use a warm coat or a thick sweater.

We are looking for clean winter clothes:

- Winter jackets

​- Representative ladies and gentlemen coats

- Children's jackets

- Thick sweaters

- Scarves, caps, warm socks and gloves

- Raincoats

- Jeans (L-XL)

Donate your pre-loved coat!