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Nieuws: Sustainability Week


Sustainability, a word that you hear almost every day. But what is sustainability and how can you live more sustainable?

From October 8th until October 12th, Eurest is organising the sustainability week at The Strip. ‘We challenge ourselves this week to work and produce more sustainable. This week, we’d like to challenge you as well to live more sustainable.’ Learn more about how you can live more sustainable and why you should be aware of this issue.

Every day in this week will have it’s own sustainability theme.



Challenge: Gaining social benefits

By activating the students of The Colour Kitchen and putting them to work in several restaurants we gain social benefits. Don’t waste talent, give them a chance and help them grow! We work together with The Colour Kitchen in this, they are specialised in educating people with a distance to the labour market. Together we give social talent a change, so it doesn’t go to waste.

The Colour Kitchen       Graduation party and reunion in the evening. Everybody is invited!

The Mart                      Peters special; Spicy chicken with rice and haricots verts in garlic

LOKL                           Banana bread special; realizing a bakery in Uganda with Bakkerij Bekkers

                                   Bobbie will be a barista for a day.

Coffee Corner               Emmys pastries and pies



Challenge: 25% more local food

Local food is better for you and the environment. Local food doesn’t have to travel far, air pollution is lower and products contain less preservatives. Better for you and the environment. Let’s go local together!

The Colour Kitchen       GENNEPERHOEVE; Sandwich Genneper Goud and a Genneper Cheese Platter

The Mart                      VAN DER HEIJDEN; Fried farm chicken, baked potaties and lettuce

LOKL                           CHOCKBITES; Beetroot Apple, Raspberry Lemon, Lavender Blueberry bars

                                   RAW Strawberry Rose and Spinach Banana Coco cheesecake

Al Fresco                      HEYDEHOEVE; Crispy pork belly with rosemary oven potatoes and grilled vegetables.

Love My Curry              LEKKER’NEI; Eggroll with yogurt mint sauce



Challenge: 50% less meat

Savings from one week without eating meat:

  • 7 months of shower water
  • A tree 7 months of work
  • 111km of driving a car
  • 1 happy chicken

Today we serve several vegetarian specials at The Mart and Daely this will be a delicious Melanzane Parmengiano and at The Colour Kitchen a Veggie Burger.



Challenge: 10% more bikers

Your bike rides on muscle power, not on fuel. By taking your bike instead of your car, you contribute to reduce CO2 emissions and a better environment. Besides that, you contribute to your own health!

Take you bike out today, show your bike key at one of the selected restaurants at The Strip and receive a free bottle of water. Selected restaurants: The Mart, LOKL, Al Fresco, Daely and Love My Curry.



Challenge: 25% less food waste

Reuse products that you would normally throw away and give them a new life, by doing so you’ll also reduce waste.

The Mart                      35% discount on selected items after 13:00h.

LOKL                           35% discount on selected items after 14:00h.

Daely                           35% discount on selected items after 12:45h.



The number of homeless people, adults and children, who live on the margins of society in Eindhoven and its surroundings, is increasing. Life on the streets and with a limited social network is hard. That is why, from 8 until 24 October 2018, Samen voor Eindhoven is collecting warm coats. Several companies in and around Eindhoven will be collecting hundreds of coats via the Give a coat and warm a heart campaign. Want to contribute to this campaign? Hand in your pre-loved coat @The Strip.